Every child deserves to communicate, feel confident, and excel!
At SpeechPath4U our passion is for helping children who struggle to communicate find their own voice and thrive!

Benefits Of SpeechPath4U

Care For Your Specific Needs
Every child is unique, and that means our techniques and care are customized to meet your child's specific needs.
Experience Real Connection
Your child will receive dedicated care that will help them connect better at home, in the classroom and in the community.
Fun & Creative Solutions
Progress and development through games and activities your child will love!
Committed To Communication

The mission of SpeechPATH4U Inc. is to improve your child'scommunication skills by providing quality, functional speech and language therapy services in a client centred environment.

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"Debbie makes speech fun and she is creative with the work we do.

She is helpful and makes me feel powerful."  -Payton

"Debbie is professional, knowledgeable and genuine.

She knew how important it was to connect with my daughter to engage her to learn strategies to deal with her stuttering struggles. I would highly recommend her as a speech pathologist and a mentor for parents to learn how to advocate for their children."

- Krista Young

We Take Your Child From Struggling To Communicate To Finding Their Own Voice!

This Is Our Simple Process
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Get A Personalized Care Plan
Get the care you deserve that is specific for your child's needs.
Experience Results
You'll be amazed as you see real results in your child's ability to communicate.

It can be hard to watch your child struggle to communicate, but every child has the ability to express themselves and thrive!

Start Your Child's Communication Development Today!

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